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Hans Müller

5th December 2017

Isobel Fletcher, Horizon Europe

Profile of the Award winning CEO, Master Gardener and Innovative Entrepreneur

Hans Müller deserves to be celebrated.  For those of us involved in Connecting Nature and our previous project on developing resilient cities in Turas, working with Hans, his son Jonathan and all the team at Helix Pflanzen we have seen close up why the most recent accolade of Entrepreneur of the Year bestowed upon him at the...Read more

Connecting Genk

Site visit at the Stiemerbeek
22nd November 2017

Stuart Connop, University of East London 

The City of Genk, Belgium, became the first of the H2020 Connecting Nature Front Runner Cities to begin the process of co-created city-wide NBS exemplar delivery.


The H2020 Connecting Nature project is supporting cities in delivering re-naturing as a focus for multifunctional solutions. As co-leaders on implementation within Connecting Nature, the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) at the University of East London have begun the process of understanding and capturing local authority...Read more

Nature Based Solutions in Beautiful Bologna

4th October 2017

Fiona Cooper, Horizon Europe

During the Summer, Marino Cavallo from Connecting Nature’s Italian partner the Metropolitan City of Bologna took Siobhan and I to see some of the nature based projects Bologna has earmarked for investment in Connecting Nature. Our first stop on this whistle stop tour was the Villa Ghigi Urban Park ; a collaboration between the City and the University of Bologna used to promote health and well-being within the city and to educate its citizens about their regional landscape. The park is set in the mountains on the outskirts of the city and offers...Read more